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Behavioural therapy for patients with substance abuse and dependency

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Substance abuse is something that should not be taken lightly. A person, who is suffering from substance abuse, be it drugs or alcohol should be put in a rehab facility or at least be enrolled in a rehab program to assist the progress.

Alcohol rehab in Oregon offers various types of rehab programs such as addiction counselling, residential treatment, medical care, local support group, mental health, and recovery houses, to name a few. The goal of the rehab program is to address the patient’s problem in addiction. Behavioral therapy is a crucial part of the treatment process. It includes the following:

·        Cognitive –

It targets patient’s way of thinking that could lead them to returning to addiction habits.

·        Multi-dimensional family therapy –

It helps the patients recover from addiction with the help and support of the immediate family.

·        Motivational interviewing and incentives –

It motivates the patient to stop taking drugs for good, begin the treatment process, and use positive things to encourage the patient to refrain from using illegal substances such as drugs and alcohol.

·        Counselling –

It is one of the most effective treatments for substance abuse and addiction. Counselling includes making the patient realize the impact of substance abuse not only to one’s self but to the immediate family and the people around. A part of counselling is instilling good behavior and assisting the patients in coping with any situation.

·        Residential treatment –

The patient needs to stay in a rehab facility while being treated. How long the patient stays in the rehab facility depends on the patient’s response to treatment.

·        Sober house living –

The patient is put in an environment for intensive treatment. It is intended for people with severe addiction that returning home would bring them to their old ways, which means returning to their old drug abuse problem.